APPENDIX II   PROPOSAL FOR NEW LAND USE CATEGORIES REGARDING NATURAL AREAS, PARKS AND OTHER GREEN SPACES NOLA Parks for All (“PFA”) recommends that the City Planning Commission (CPC) and City Council commence a Master Plan (MP) amending process to establish new separate land use categories for Natural Areas, Open Space, and Recreational Areas. Each … [Read more…]


  Goals: Best practices:  To support best practices for the management of public open spaces as they affect preservation, maintenance, environmental sustainability, storm-water management, public health, non-motorized transit, public safety, and access to recreation facilities.   Equity:   To promote equitable allocation of open space and financial resources, thereby meeting the needs of all community residents, … [Read more…]


VISION To advocate for the creation, maintenance, beautification, and funding of public parks, playgrounds, and green spaces as an essential public service throughout all neighborhoods of New Orleans. OUR MISSION All New Orleanians have access to a walkable network of well-maintained, water-smart parks, playgrounds, levees, and neutral grounds that afford communion with nature, connection with … [Read more…]


 WHO IS NOLA PARKS FOR ALL? We unite and advocate for a growing coalition of park champions from across the city.  By providing a link among citizens, elected and appointed officials, and public asset decision makers, we ensure that all neighborhoods have the green spaces and recreational facilities that residents desire and deserve. OUR PRINCIPLES … [Read more…]