City Park


  • Best practices:  To support best practices for the management of public open spaces as they affect preservation, maintenance, environmental sustainability, storm-water management, public health, non-motorized transit, public safety, and access to recreation facilities.


  • Equity:   To promote equitable allocation of open space and financial resources, thereby meeting the needs of all community residents, regardless of age, cultural background, location, or economic status.


  • Asset protection: To ensure that there is no net loss of existing greenspaces for public use. 


  • Awareness of value proposition:  To communicate the vital connections among parks, recreation, health, and economic development.


  • Civic engagement:  To foster active civic engagement in shaping public agendas and policies related to open space and recreation.


  • Community collaboration: To partner with all constituencies whose missions align with Parks for All’s and to provide technical expertise in support of individuals working to build and maintain their neighborhood parks.


  • Data-driven analysis:  To be a data-driven resource that provides informed input and expert guidance in helping New Orleans become a great park city.


  • Cultural connections: To raise awareness of the history and design of our parks, thereby providing an educational context to facilitate informed decisions.


  • Public funding:  To advocate for adequate public funding of parks and open spaces to ensure the creation of new parks and the high-quality maintenance for existing park