Better Park Practices

A Philosophy of Park Governance


  • Create a comprehensive, city-wide parks master plan and compliant, individual park plans.
  • Continually maintain and beautify green space.
  • Protect green space from commercial development.
  • Connect parks with bike & pedestrian pathways.
  • Monitor proposed changes to the City Zoning Ordinance and advocate protections for public green space.
  • Use the New Orleans ecosystem to create "natural" parks, including water parks, levees and neutral grounds.
  • Ensure adequate funding for entire park system.
  • Develop cooperation among different park & recreation constituencies.
  • Ensure inclusion of citizens and advocates to park boards.

Parks and Your Health


  • Parks Foster Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health
  • Parks Encourage Physical Activity
  • Parks Advance Health Equity
  • Parks Help Kids Flourish
  • Parks Combat Disease
  • Parks Absorb Stormwater
  • Parks Enable Our Very Survival 

The value of trees

Recent Studies and News Articles About Greenspace

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