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Dedicated to the Creation, Maintenance and Beautification of Public Parks, Playgrounds & Green Space throughout New Orleans.


The Parks for All Story

What We Do


Parks for All (PFA) is a diverse group of volunteers who founded this 501(c)(3) organization in 2016 to address inequities in parks and recreation amenities across the city. 

  • We champion the importance of adequately-financed parks as a key factor in our quality of life. 

  • We advocate, often with partners, for open green space dedicated to recreation and passive enjoyment, focusing first on the needs of residents over visitors.

  • We urge the City administration and elected officials to implement national best practices to improve neighborhood and regional parks, recreation facilities and programs, such as city-wide parks master planning and assessment, guided by the needs and aspirations of our citizens. 

Our Vision


All New Orleanians enjoy access to a walkable network of well-maintained parks and open green space including water-smart parks, playgrounds, levees, neighborhood green spaces and neutral grounds that afford communion with nature, connection with community, and beautiful places for exercise and leisurely retreat.

 The key mechanisms to accomplish this vision are: 

1) A city-wide master plan for parks and recreation, already mandated by the recently amended City Master Plan; 

2) An objective bi-annual assessment of all of our parks and recreation services and conditions; and, 

3) A new oversight council composed of parks administrators, City officials, and parks advocates to review progress towards our parks-and-recreation objectives, as defined by the master plan and periodic assessment of quality. 

Please Join Us!


PFA is the umbrella organization for the City Beautiful Clubs, which enhance public green spaces of any size, including pocket parks, bus stops and neutral grounds. Learn how to work with City agencies and other investors, gather your neighbors and help us create a greener NOLA.


PFA seeks more citizen voices and organizational endorsements to join us in advocating for a green space master plan and follow-up assessments.

PFA also invites citizens to help monitor the activities of the City Planning Commission and City Council concerning the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and to advocate on matters pertaining to Natural Areas, Open Space and Recreational Areas.  

We Welcome Your Help!

Your contribution will enable Parks For All, an all-volunteer organization, to improve access to quality parks throughout New Orleans.

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